Thomas Douzis

Co-founder & CEO of ERGON FOODS

Thomas Douzis is the co-founder and CEO of ERGON Foods. ERGON was born in 2007 as a series of Greek traditional products from all corners of Greece and redefined in aesthetic and quality terms the meaning of “traditional”.

With a dynamic portfolio of 1200 products sold in 300 points of sale in Greece and abroad, ERGON began a transformation into a retail consumer brand in 2011 by developing its own retail network.

Today, ERGON has 11 stores in its network in Greece, London Brussels and Singapore. They have been able to successfully develop outposts that range from own-branded corners in hotels and supermarkets, to delis and restaurants, to theis flagship ERGON House – a 50,000 sq.ft. celebration of all aspects of hospitality, and specialty food space.

Thomas, holds a BA degree in Applied Informatics from the University of Macedonia. He speaks Greek and English and he lives in Thessaloniki.