Konstantinos Zervas

Mayor of Thessaloniki

Konstantinos Zervas is a graduate of the Experimental school of the University of Thessaloniki and holds a BA degree and postgraduate degree (MSc) with scholarship and distinction grade from the Aristotle and Brown University (USA) respectively.

Since 1990 Konstantinos has started running his own office in Thessaloniki as a civil engineer. He has overseen various big projects, he was a member of the Board of Directors of Attiko Metro SA (2010-2016), he served as the Chairman of the State Orchestra Board of Thessaloniki (SOB) (2011-2014) and in 2013 he was elected as a member of the Central Representation of the Technical Chamber of Greece and the Regional Department of Central Macedonia. He is the Head of the KEDE Delegation to the European Council of Municipalities and Regions (CEMR), Vice-President of Solid Waste Management Agencies of Central Macedonia (FODSA), President of the Thessaloniki Municipal Nursery “O Agios Stylianos” and council member of the Organisation of Urban Transportation of Thessaloniki (OASTH).

Konstantinos has been elected as a councilman of the City of Thessaloniki in 2010, while he has served as Deputy Mayor for the Environment, Quality of Life and Free Spaces (2011-2014), Deputy Mayor for Citizen Mobilization, Youth and Sports. Since 2019 he is the Mayor of Thessaloniki.

Konstantinos authored a book in 2019 entitled “Poplars or Chamaerops? Thoughts for Thessaloniki and politics”.