Georgios Tsakoumis

President of the Executive Committee of the Technical Chamber of Greece/Section of Central Macedonia (TΕΕ/ΤΚΜ)

Graduate of the Rural and Surveying Engineering School at the Faculty of Engineering of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki with an MSc in “Environmental Design of Cities and Buildings” from the Hellenic Open University.

Engineer with a long track record of design and contract delivery of projects for municipalities, local and central governments. Founder and CEO of the multi-disciplinary engineering consultancy firms Consortis and Consortis Geospatial.


Former positions: Secretary General of the Executive Committee and Member of the General Assembly of the TEE/TKM. Member of the Assembly Presidium of the TEE. Member of the Scientific Committee of Surveying Engineering of the TEE. Vice President of the Association of Engineers of Public Works of Central Macedonia. Member of the Permanent Committee on Spatial Planning - Urban Planning & Development of the TEE/TKM. Secretary General, Vice President and President of the Association of Rural and Surveying Engineers of Northern Greece.