Dr. Georgia Ayfantopoulou

Deputy Director of IMET – Research Director, Head of Sector B: "Infrastructure and Networks, Sustainable Mobility and Freight Transport

Dr. Georgia Ayfantopoulou, Research Director at the Hellenic Institute of Transport (ΗΙΤ) of CERTH with experience for over 25 years in technology driven transport systems planning, management and optimization.

She is President of the ITS Hellas organization, a member of ERTICO (ITS Europe). Member of the Board of Directors of the Thessaloniki Innovation & Technology Center (Thess INTEC), a 4th generation park emphasizing on 4helix synergies, leading to new innovative products and services for the domestic and foreign markets and leader of the innovation mega project for future mobility of Thess INTEC. She is coordinator of the national Cluster on smart sustainable mobility and city logistics and also Scientific Director of the Regional Innovation Hub EIT Urban Mobility in Greece. Finally, she is the coordinator of the Thessaloniki Smart Mobility Living Lab (https://smartmlab.imet.gr/), a member of the European Association of Living Labs ENoLL (https://enoll.org/).