Christos Zafiris

Agriculture engineer with MSc in Environmental Planning of Cities and Buildings. Responsible for the Biogas and Biomethane Unit, of the Biomass Department at CRES.

Thirty years of experience in a range of Research and Development activities related to the design, support and execution of applied research programs for biomass/biogas/biomethane and organic by-products, technical and strategic support for regional and local energy planning, as well as support for biogas/biomethane projects. Technical manager in a series of applications of Renewable Energy Sources - RES in Greece, with the support of the Greek Operational Program for Energy (Community Support Framework for Greece). Coordinator of the "Greekbiogas" project and scientific manager in a series of competitive European Union projects such as "Bioexell", "Probiogas" and "Redubar", and the GreenMeUp and HyFuelUp projects that are currently approved in the framework of Horizon Europe. Responsible for conducting control and the necessary functional and technical characteristics of Biomass/Biogas station equipment (station operating license).

He has teaching experience in biomass, spatial planning, environment, energy conservation and sustainable development. He has published a number of studies, articles and presentations on biomass/biogas/biomethane energy utilization.