Christos Giannoulis

Deputy Head of Transport of the Main Opposition Party SYRIZA-PA

Christos Giannoulis was born in Katerini on November 1, 1968. He studied literature and from 1990 he entered the field of journalism. He staffed local media in Pieria and was also a correspondent for major Athenian newspapers. An important milestone was the weekly multi-page newspaper “Gegonota” which was honored by the Academy of Athens as a pioneering publication. “DION TELEVISION”, “HERMES TELEVISION”  and “Aggelioforos” the next steps of his professional career. From 1990 until his election to the Greek Parliament he worked for ERT3. In 2014, he claimed the Municipality of Katerini as the head of the “Allos dromos”, which he received with a percentage of 27%. In February 2019, Alexis Tsipras proposed to him to claim the region of Central Macedonia in the June 2019 elections with the faction “Koitame Mprosta” which took second place. In the Parliamentary Elections of July 7, 2019, he was elected Member of Parliament for A Thessaloniki with SYRIZA. In September 2020, he was appointed by the president of SYRIZA, Alexis Tsipras, Deputy Head of Transport. He is married to journalist Maria Amanatidou and has a son.