Ioannis Vevelakis

President of Hellenic Fertilizers’ Association (SPEL)

Ioannis Vevelakis, born in 1966 in Athens, Greece. 

Ηe is the elected President of Hellenic Fertilizers’ Association (SPEL) and he will hold this position until 2022. He joined the Hellenic Fertilizers’ Association (SPEL) in 2000 and he was elected as the President of the Hellenic Fertilizers’ Association (SPEL) during the period 2012-2016 and as Vice-President of SPEL from 2016 to 2020. 

He holds the position of Managing Director in Eurochem Agro Hellas SA based in Neo Psichiko, Athens. 

He is an Agronomist from the Crop Science Department of Agricultural University of Athens and holds a Master Degree in Marketing and Communication from the Athens University of Economics and Business.

He has vast experience in sales and marketing with a demonstrated track record of working in the agricultural inputs industry, such as an authorized representative in K+S Kali GmbH for 8 years.