12:30 - 14:00
Monday, September 13 2021

Transition to a new environmentally friendly energy model

Christina Tsorba


C.C. "I. VELLIDIS" - Hall 1


Kostas Skrekas
Minister of Environment & Energy
Sokratis Famellos
Member of the Parliament and Responsible for coordinating Energy and Environmental Policies within the SYRIZA-PA party, Former Alternate Minister for Energy and Environment of Greece
Dionysios Batistatos
General Manager Kosmocar
Asst. Prof. Athanasios Dagoumas
President to the Regulatory Authority for Energy
Michail Geranis
President Of the Regional SWMA of Central Macedonia
Anastasios Kapnopolis
President of the Chamber of Small and Medium Sized Industries of Thessaloniki (VETH) - VETH